Welcome to Shorty’s Lil’bits!!!  How exciting is a new blog?  It is like a new outfit, all shiny and pretty and ready to be worn out in the world!  This blog has a little bit of everything!  I sell clothing for little girls, bracelets, kits and necklaces.   I love to try new recipes, talk diet and exercise.

 I started this blog because I want to start living the life I want to live, not the life that is just handed to me day in day out.  Life has a way of passing you by, if you don’t grab it by the horns (yes, Life, I know you have horns!) and make something of it before it makes something of you.

I have three boys one of which is about to enter high school!  Yes, that was my wake-up call.   It is a major life changing event, it made me realize I have two choices, live the life I want before it is gone or let life live me.

Part of living the life I WANT is starting up my own business.  I have always been the entrepreneurial type.  When I was young I would color book marks and sell them door to door for a penny.  Yeah I didn’t make much but I had that hustle in me!  This isn’t the first business I have started and probably not the last.  As I said earlier I just like to take this life and live it my way.  Your way might be different than mine but either way we all have some kind of fire that burns inside of us.  

I enjoy stretching myself. I love having a business to run, even if it is small right now. I love dreaming big and starting small. I am learning to manage my time and how to prioritize. Life is fun when you are always learning and this is what owning a business has given me, an avenue to learn and grow every day.

This blog is about my journey in Life. My Lil’bits of knowledge I learn and then share them with you. It is a place to help myself and others grow to be the best people we can be! 


If you have any questions I would love to hear from you!


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