Army Airborne Paratrooper rhinestone car/ laptop/ wall decal-military mom/ wife


This is a unique car decal for Army Airborne. Great for Army wives or Army Moms!!


This is a unique car decal for Army Airborne.  It is made of black and silver rhinestones to put a little bling on your car, laptop, wall, or any flat surface!  This is has 390 6ss rhinestones that are on a sticker you peel off and attach to you car window.
6.22 x 2.88 inches
You can choose to have the parachute silver as well, just send me a note letting me know you want all silver
Application instructions are included with the decal, but you can also find them at my website
All you will need to do is clean the surface and apply. These decals are a one-time application, so make sure you find the permanent location you want for your decal.   Apply in temperatures of 50 degrees and higher and avoid placing in the path of your windshield wipers.  If you decide to remove it, it will be ruined.  Once again it is a one time application.
Please let me know if you have any questions!!
These are low led rhinestones so keep them out the way of small children.
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