Knowing when to push pause


As a woman I tend towards emotional ups and downs.  I have learned that sometimes dealing with certain things in life it is best to push the pause button.  

I try hard to live by a hard rule…NEVER make decisions when you are tired or mad.  

I can tell you it will ALWAYS end bad.

Today I feel very emotional about everything.  I have a friendship issue and it has been weighing on me for around 9 months.  I have not been able to fix it up to this point but today, ah yes, today I feel like IT MUST BE FIXED NOW.  

Hello….hello?    THE RULE!!!

Today is the LAST day I should be trying to fix this friendship issue.  I am tired and emotional.  So I had to stop and push that pause button.  (Not the easy button, the pause button! ha)

We should all take a break from hard decisions and just remember that it is OK to push pause.   

Never make decisions when you are tired  or upset.  It will NEVER end well.  

Have you had to push the pause button lately?


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