Just call me Allergy Queen

Introducing myself would do no justice if I didn’t let you on to my major hurdle…ALLERGIES!  I am allergic to soooo many things that  it can be very difficult to find things to eat, ESPECIALLY on the go.  Just to name the big ones, I cannot eat eggs, dairy, wheat, soy or beans. 

Hmmmmm now you feel sorry for me don’t you!

I was born with allergies and my mom always reminds me how hard it was to find me food back in the day before there was a lot to choose from.  As a toddler, I was allergic to everything, yet my Doctor was pretty sure I would “outgrow” it all.  Dairy was the only food I never could eat as an adult.  A few years ago I was getting sick all the time and decided to get tested again.    I   was shocked by the results.  I quit eating what we call “poison” in my house and felt a TON better.  The hardest part is going out to eat.  I pretty much know I will be getting sick if I eat out, but guess what, I still do! (ack!)  So I am on a LOOOOONNNNGGG journey to find things I can eat while living a busy life.  In the Kitchen section, I will be posting what I feed my family, along with what I feed myself!