Slow Cooker Crack Chicken

So my month of Pinterest is going to be more of a staple on here.  I didn’t get around to doing three a week so how about one a week!  Maybe one every other week…we have to be flexible right!

Today I am going to share a SUPER SIMPLE crock-pot recipe I got from

Unlike most recipes I didn’t change anything in this one.  OK maybe I used my homemade ranch dry mix but really I didn’t change anything besides that!  My family LOVED it!
 I cooked up a whole package of bacon a few days earlier.  I chopped it, separated it and stuck it in the freezer.  We used the rest of the frozen bacon for breakfast.  My husband just throws the frozen bacon (which I separated into little packets to make it super easy for him) in the pan with his eggs and easy breakfast too! (There is your 2 for 1 ideas)
Author: Cookies & Cups
Serves: serves 6

2-3 lbs boneless chicken breasts

2 (8 oz) blocks cream cheese

2 (1 oz) packets dry Ranch seasoning

8 oz bacon, cooked crisply and crumbled

  1. In a slow cooker combine place chicken, cream cheese, and Ranch seasoning.
  2. Cook on low for 6-8 hours or on high for 4 hours, until chicken shreds easily.
  3. Once chicken shreds stir with a large fork or spoon, so the chicken shreds and all the ingredients combine.
  4. Add in crumbled bacon and stir to incorporate.
  5. Serve warm.


This recipe is from click on image to go strait to recipe on her site to see original recipe.

Applying a Rhinestone Decal

Your decal should be applied as soon as possible to prevent application issues. Car decals should be applied only to surfaces with temperatures between 50 to 90 degrees Fahrenheit and should be allowed to cure for 24 hours before getting wet.



Isopropyl (rubbing) alcohol

Cotton balls

 old credit card

1. Clean the surface of the area you wish to place the decal with alcohol

2. Peel the opaque backing from the decal

3. Carefully align the decal in position and place on the cleaned surface

4. It’s not advised to peel or remove the decal once it is placed because stones may come loose.

5. Once the decal is placed, use your finger or credit car and rub firmly from the center point to the edges in all directions AROUND the stones to remove air bubbles.  This will not only secure your decal better to your car but it will allow the sticker to become more transparent.  Take your time and it will turn out just lovely!!

Copycat Panda Express Noodles

Panda Express Copycat recipe


This is my first recipe for April from my Pinterest board.  It should be fun to review the different recipes I try.  This one was a HUGE hit in this family.  We LOVE the noodles at Panda and to find a  recipe that is so close to the real deal is amazing!  

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40! LETS GO!!

I might be 40 but I am alive.  I am well.  I am happy.  I am ready to go.  I have sat around for 14 years being some what unhappy and a little depressed.  I have lots of reasons why but I am no longer that person and am ready to be my self again.  I love who I am but for some reason I have forgotten that.  I have forgotten who I am and that I love myself.    I was made who I am and should be proud of me!! You were made you and should be proud to be you!  Lets kill this thing called life shall we?!!

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Pineapple chicken!



My son was bragging about his dinner to his girlfriend over Skype the other night, making her (what he said) jealous. Not so sure my food would make anyone jealous but hey I will take it! (Poor thing has to deal with a boy who eats and eats and eats…oh having boys who can’t stop thinking about food, that is a whole story for another day!)

Anyhoo I started thinking that this recipe is way too easy NOT to share!!

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Bread machine review


One of my main goals for my family is to have as much “from scratch” as I can. If you look at labels for ANYTHING, it is hard to find food that is real. I have been cooking most everything from scratch for about 10 years now and have to say one of the easiest ways to have something easy and healthy is getting a *Zojirushi bread machine. I taught my kids to make bread when they were about 11 years old. It is that easy. We go through about a loaf a day, so my middle child wakes up every morning and makes bread first thing. We recently lost one of the bread paddles and let me tell you it has been sad without our machine. (Yes, I finally ordered new paddles so we no longer have to be sad ha!)



*I do not get paid for this review, I just love this product.



Just call me Allergy Queen

Introducing myself would do no justice if I didn’t let you on to my major hurdle…ALLERGIES!  I am allergic to soooo many things that  it can be very difficult to find things to eat, ESPECIALLY on the go.  Just to name the big ones, I cannot eat eggs, dairy, wheat, soy or beans. 

Hmmmmm now you feel sorry for me don’t you!

I was born with allergies and my mom always reminds me how hard it was to find me food back in the day before there was a lot to choose from.  As a toddler, I was allergic to everything, yet my Doctor was pretty sure I would “outgrow” it all.  Dairy was the only food I never could eat as an adult.  A few years ago I was getting sick all the time and decided to get tested again.    I   was shocked by the results.  I quit eating what we call “poison” in my house and felt a TON better.  The hardest part is going out to eat.  I pretty much know I will be getting sick if I eat out, but guess what, I still do! (ack!)  So I am on a LOOOOONNNNGGG journey to find things I can eat while living a busy life.  In the Kitchen section, I will be posting what I feed my family, along with what I feed myself!